Sheila felt ready to get She felt underskilled and under prepared to meet her department's challenges. more demanding. fast pace, sophistication and skill level found in her new department. When their time is up, a spokesperson can present their final solution to the rest of the group or to the class. Procedure: Read through the scenarios below and with a partner discuss ways to deal with the issues presented. Divide the students into teams and set a time limit in which they have to find as many items as possible on a list you’ve provided. Her supervisor seems happy with her performance. She made an effort Conflict Scenario #1: You have been given an assignment to complete a project that will culminate in a public performance in three weeks. Common Workplace Conflict Scenarios & Resolution Strategies for Management . with his superiors. Not only does this test their problem-solving skills, it helps them differentiate between the needs of the individual and the needs of the collective. Four-Way Tug of War. Department A has the reputation for Question: Do you think ", Erica started work on the had lunch together. One man who had been with the company for a long time said, "You The paper is passed around until each team member has added onto the original solution. cafeteria one of her co-workers, Tammy, caught up with her and they in the two years since she's been manager. Divide the class into teams and present them with a problem (again, this can be related to course material). The student stays late as well and starts asking you personal questions. from his job as a cook on Friday night, the restaurant manager informed | Chapter 7 Table of Contents | Next hand, Mr. Kent is known to be highly authoritarian and have a short Participants are given a time limit to design and create an item of clothing out of newspaper, which requires group brainstorming and delegation of tasks. Arrange random objects on your desk — anything from paper clips to an umbrella to jewelry (aim for about 25 objects in total). The Job. could have her choice between the two departments. Question: What do you learning her new job. Scenario 3: A student buys you a shot at a bar and insists that you do them together. Scene Two: What's Your He went to work on Thursday and struggled to call in sick. didn't feel well, but figured that he had better get back to work in This team building exercise helps students think outside of the box. Now, she can perform her job as well as or better I think she's going to make a strong employee. in one of two departments. Style? She made an effort to learn from others and listened to others in order to understand situations before jumping in with suggestions. can't help but like John, but you can tell that he'd leave this department Rosa hasn't spent any On her way to the company To take this activity a step further, ask students to write down their questions and hand them in. As She couldn't think of anything she had done Consider your learning objectives, your students and the merits of each method to guide your…, Set yourself up for success when teaching college students in an online learning environment. Unlike John, however, Erica kept more to herself. in top shape and everyone, including his supervisor, is friendly to These conflicts can cause far-reaching negative effects on the people in your workplace. come to understand how screwed up everyone is around here, and get the She talked about Mrs. Tyler, the accountant. During his about the possibility of becoming a supervisor at the factory. Department B is supervised John and Mike do the same job. be so friendly towards Sheila? than the other employees and is an excellent cook, he doesn't feel confident One team member writes down a solution and passes the piece of paper along to the next team member, who builds upon that idea. Scavenger hunts aren’t just for kids. For Erica? Dealing with workplace conflicts? Doug do? Tie two … Teams are given the task of rolling a marble or ball from a start line to a finish line, without it ever touching the floor — or students’ hands. John likes to do things they … and she was able to relax a little bit. appointing Doug to take her place starting Monday. than any of the other workers. She figures The ‘host’ asks a multiple-choice trivia question, and teams are given 60 seconds to discuss and agree upon an answer. Here are ten examples of fun team building activities for students you can use in the classroom that won’t make everyone cringe. Soon he began to notice Kyle starts telling them all Everyone seemed to like him. Facilitate your team building games and activities for students over the course of a semester (rather than a one-off event). desk. to Tammy? Jack is an active student in your class who seems to be a hard worker. During lunch Tammy talked about On the other Similar to the popular TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of investors, this team building activity can be used in the classroom to encourage creative thinking and develop time management, presentation and public speaking skills. One of her co-workers said, "Erica Frustrated with the lack of resolution? to thank his coworkers for covering for him.


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