The tannins within the wood help resist insects and decay making it the natural choice for your outdoor fence project. Phone: 604-460-7467. After 40 years, Western Red Cedar continues to prove itself to be the ideal choice for fences and other outdoor structures. We stock 1x6x6’ Western Red Cedar dog eared fence pickets. Western Red Cedar contains natural tannin oils that protect it from weathering, rotting, decay, and termite damage. Western Red Cedar . Western Red Cedar 1×6 Beveled Rails $ 9.99 – $ 11.99. Select options. Select options Quick View Western Red Cedar L Corner Section 42x42mm 0 £72.65 Select options Quick View Western Red Cedar Square Section 42mm x 42mm 0 £72.65 Featured Select options Quick View Canadian Western Red Cedar Tongue and Groove 0 £140.45 – £980.00 Featured Select options Quick View Western Red Cedar Screen Slats 0 £170.45 … Continue reading Western Red Cedar Fence & … SertiWOOD Canadian Western Red Cedar is a popular wood for use for cladding and landscaping applications. Why choose Our Slatted Screen Cedar Fence Panels? Western Red Cedar isn't just a pretty face, it's durable, weather-resistant, and environmentally friendly. Select options. Western Red Cedar 2×4 $ 6.75 – $ 15.68. You also have a choice or rough or surfaced textures. The Western Red Cedar Fence Panels are available in a variety of sizes and can be tailored to fit pre-existing boundaries. The different surface textures of the wood are summarized following: Saw Textured. Western Red Cedar lumber for fence rails is available in a range of sizes in Clear and Knotty product standards or grades. We want to deliver a product through our expert craftsmanship and installation that will make your new fence the talk of the neighborhood. Our Western Red Cedar wood fence is carefully constructed one board at a time with the same level of pride that we know you have in your home. See why the experts choose WRC for their projects It really is that simple! We offer a wide range of options and styles and will customize a fence to meet your specific needs. The correct use of slatted screen fences, decking and cladding can turn even the smallest of gardens into luxury urban spaces with a premium feel. Western Red Cedar 2×4 Apex Capping $ 6.99 – $ 15.99. Western Red Cedar 1×6 T&G Fence Board $ 5.40 – $ 6.75. Select options. Western Red Cedar provides a beautiful and long lasting solution for your privacy fence needs. Western Red Cedar. We supply premium western red cedar cladding for exterior use, including batten screen, cladding, slatted and contemporary fencing. Western Red Cedar is becoming increasingly popular in the UK as a very modern contemporary material, used by successful garden and landscape designers to create beautiful, high-end outdoor spaces. Simply choose your desired height, length, number of panels and any stainless steel fixings you may require. Western Red Cedar. The textured surface, obtained during the milling process which uses either circular or band saws, present on all four sides.


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