This healthy refined sugar free apple crisp is loaded with cinnamon, ginger, and dried cranberries. I used tapioca flour instead of all purpose flour in the filling. Used 1/2 coconut oil and 1/2 olive oil. This recipe looks great. We are so glad you enjoyed this recipe, Molly! My 5 year old NEVER stops talking, but she did for this and asked for seconds. Yay! Next time I may reduce the sugar in the topping. Xo. The recipe was very well written and easy to follow! Those are the things that make this apple crisp great! Flavors are so on point. I have also made this with berries and it is equally as delicious! Delicious! Regarding the proportions, as some other bakers said, we’ll add less sugar next time (Or we’ll try the Healthiest version ;)). Yay! We are empty nesters now, so small batch desserts are the way to go in our house -- I can practically smell the cinnamon now --my husband will love this! Transfer the apples and all their juice to a microwave-safe ramekin or large mug. Any tips for the next one? You can certainly leave out if you prefer, but we find the sugar makes it extra delicious! I can’t wait to receive your new cookbook!!! Thanks :). It was also greatly enjoyed by an avowed sweet hater (i.e. It was amazing! Can I use Cocoa Nibs instead of Rolled Oats for the topping? A wife. I also do no oil and try to do very little sugar. Didn’t tell family. I nearly wet my pants I was so happy to see this recipe pop up on my computer screen. I followed the substitutions listed (cane sugar, brown sugar, and ground ginger). Just wondering if on the off chance this could be made without any oil? I also think it’s simple and easy to follow esp for people like me who have minimal baking skills. Does the flavor come through? This came out delicious! I’d say light! I know you will agree. Quick Microwave Apple Crisp. We’re so glad it turned out well for you! I’ll have to make another batch for my friends coz, I’ve done about 3 of your recipes for them and they all love it and can’t believe it’s all healthy. I made this couple weeks ago- this is easy, quick and most of us “plant eaters” have all ingredients. This was very easy to make and turned out perfect! Cheers to better vascular health! Bob’s red mill GF oats and GF 1:1 flour (nut allergy) We are so glad everyone enjoyed it! I’d love to see what you come up with. But it’s the kind of thing that depends of your likes. Would it work the same? I put the prepared apples, filling, and topping all in separate bags, which made it super quick to put together at the last minute! ❤’d this recipe. So appreciate your generosity. We’re so glad everyone enjoyed it, Ellie! Hi Dana! This microwave apple crisp is the best and easiest thing to make with all those apples you bought because they were on sale. I used pecans the second time and it’s definitely better that way. I still have more apples left! By far the best apple crisp I’ve ever had!!! Non vegan fam approved xo. This isn’t the healthiest apple crisp, but it does have some pretty amazing things going for it. 1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon My husband said it was the best crumble (we call it crumble here in the UK) I have ever made. A tea drinker. It is absolutely delicious. We served it with koko vanilla yoghurt, which had a slighty sour sharp taste to balance the sweetness. Can I use walnuts instead of pecans though, will it be just as delicious? It received many compliments! I did not have much fluid though. Will definitely have this on hand on Christmas. Just made a zucchini crisp. Apple crisp has been permeating my thoughts these days ~ but I’ve seen zero recipes that I like on Pinterest! This single serve microwave apple crisp only takes a few minutes to make. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? xo. Hahaha, no I joke, I will get to apple pie (one day) and this vegan apple crisp is absolutely no slouch and isn’t second to anything. I made mine without the coconut oil…I just added about another 1/4-1/2 C of the apple juice and it gave it plenty of moisture. We are so glad you enjoyed it! Decided to fix it following morning by mixing ~ 1/4c vegan butter, ~1/3c einkorn flour, 1 tsp baking powder, and an egg together (egg substitute will work too). I made it for my vegan guests on Thanksgiving. Last fall, my friend Conor tossed a handful into his homemade apple pie (in honor of his wife Kate, a cranberry fiend), and when I tasted a bite, I knew that I’d eaten something special. Sorry I didn’t post it on Instagram, but made this for Thanksgiving and it was a huge hit! I used buckwheat flakes in place of oats for one batch, which worked just fine, and doubled the topping recipe for another batch, which was luxuriously decadent:) Thank you for this post! Each recipe has a large, gorgeous picture to go with it, which we always find helpful with cookbooks too. Made this recipe for the 2nd time in two weeks! I have traded a bit of spelt flour for the almond meal and switched up the nut type – amazing. I love how the topping uses coconut oil instead of butter……I mean the word BUTT is right in there. As stated by a few other it is very sweet but still yummy. Minor things I changed coz of my allergies- used vinegar instead of citrus lemon, all gf free, reduced all sugar and replaced the nuts with cashew. WOMP womp. Yeah, that’s probably going to happen all winter long. I’ve tried apple, pear, peach + mango, strawberry + mango depending on season and they were all fantastic. Friends, this truly is the best vegan apple crisp! I made it as a crisp and it was delicious! Hah! Warm About to attempt this recipe, but I don’t have almond meal. Thank you!!! I had some apples going a bit soft and used those, along with a couple of spoonfuls of left over mincemeat in the filling! Definitely easy to make and prepare. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Recipe is spot on. Love this one too :D. I made it with shredded coconut instead of almond flour and it came out great! I just want to make sure I make the recipe correctly. Just made it and had a second serving myself on a warm cozy night with some tea. The topping is so crisp and thick, and the recipe is so doable even when you are pressed for time. It’s sooo good. Can’t wait to enjoy the leftovers. It was delicious served with coconut-based ice cream and coconut-based whipped topping. It paired nicely! xo, Yes, you’re right! Thanks for the recipe! For even healthier apple crisp, substitute the brown sugar for maple syrup, honey, date syrup or another natural unrefined sweetener. May God bless you Dana and everyone reading this post :) Thank you for the recipe, I was surely impressed, as was my family. Advice for next time? Xx. Thanks so much for this recipe – it made a wonderful, comforting and warming dessert; perfect for the onset of autumn and the chilly UK weather! I usually serve with vegan vanilla ice cream! I halved the recipe but used the full amount of lemon and salt and baked in an 8×8 pan. Microwave on high for 2 to 3 minutes, or until the apples are soft and the syrup is bubbling. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Gidd! I brought this into work and it got demolished! I would recommend only slightly reducing the sugar. Because of the cherries I subbed almonds for the pecans. I played around with your recipe a bit as I did not want to add the coconut oil. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer! I’m already planning on having it for Thanksgiving! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Anne-Marie! Aw, we’re so glad you enjoy it, Taylor! SO GOOD. Fabulous recipe! Hm, not sure that would work. Any thoughts? For my taste the filling was too sweet though. Its perfect for when i have a sweet tooth and I don’t have to feel too bad about it. We used 8oz ceramic rectangular baking dishes that we got as a gift, but these microwave save Le Creuset ones would be perfect! Thank you Dana for your reply! I resisted at first because I use coconut oil in many things I personally make but honestly I don’t think it suffered for the substitution! SO glad you enjoyed it, Ashley! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? We haven’t tried it this way, but think it could work to replace the almond meal for more flour and the pecans for more oats. Very easy to make and my 23 year old son and friends LOVED it – the entire dish was gone within an hour – no leftovers.


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