There are 3 ingredients for the mixture that will coat the pork belly and cure it. You'll notice the pork will stiffen up and be much more rigid as the water leaves the protein. Once you have coated the meat in your cure you need to let all the moisture be drawn out by the salt. Based on the thickness of the pork you need to allow 4-6 days of cure time - you will see the moisture start to pool in the bowl and effectively turn the dry cure into a wet cure as the process continues. Are you on any social media in the U.K.? NO By-products No Fillers No Artificial Flavors. Taxes, shipping and discounts codes calculated at checkout, Join our Mailing list... Don't miss out on Deals, Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday, January,February,March,April,May,June,July,August,September,October,November,December. As you explain, it is important to allow a pellicule to form on the surface of the meat in order that the flavour of the smoke is absorbed. These can be around $100 so are not cheap. It is difficult to get real smoked bacon, just about all of the packaged smoked products have never seen smoke, but use a smoke taste additive. Just an bit more information from an area that I had quite a lot of experience in. The water companies have an obligation to reduce harmful materials in water, both chemical and bacteriological, but the rules for foodstuffs might be different. Looking at the Chorizo packet I see the preservative is not sodium nitrate, but sodium nitrite which is chemically much more reactive. Ingredients. This allows the smoke to get full access to the meat ensuring a good even smoke flavour. Butcher cut is ~33% thicker to provide even more small batch bacon flavor in every bite. Ingredients. A lot of warmer climates will hot smoke their pork bellies but here in the UK Autumn/Winter is the ideal time to let the cold smoke do it's magic. In the UK and widely elsewhere, nitrates and nitrites are limited to parts per million in drinking water. The trouble is with the B word I just knew I'd get loads on the other side saying "you need to use nitrates" but after doing this I totally agree with you and I'd do my own cure from scratch. Distribution Center St.Thomas, ON, Canada. Did you make this project? Here's my old smoker filled with cheese, prawns and mussels. Yes, I know Sodium Nitrate is used commercially in pork products, but sodium is implicated in hypertension and nitrates in stomach cancers - nitrates, nitrites, nitrosamines - it's something to avoid. But that was in a time when food had to last throughout winter and a long time before fridges and freezers. We get less than one case of this a year in the UK so the risk of not using it is very low indeed. Nitrates are used to preserve the pinkness of the meat (I don't mind my bacon being the colour of cooked pork!) I add a tub of ground black pepper to a kilo of this mix. A hardy twist on our thick cut Maplewood bacon. After 45 minutes add more hardwood chunks to the hot coals 8. At least then you would not run the nitrate risk and only have to assess the sodium risk. Nutrition. Sprinkle the Bacon with brown sugar 6. If the purpose is to take moisture out of the raw meat, there must be better ways. Cook time will be about 2 hours 8. A second rinse will reduce the remaining 25% by another 75% - this is called serial dilution - a bit like homeopathy. I'm not a fan of nitrates (due to their implication in the development of some cancers) so use a simple home-blended dry cure mix. NO By-products No Fillers No Artificial Flavors. Or you could visit our other COLD SMOKE GENERATOR HACK (below) to see how you can DIY the job yourself. Not enough items available. Cover the grill with the lid. Pure water is almost impossible to produce. You can then slice and store for many days/weeks and simply grill/bake when you're ready to eat it. Both have limits for drinking water at the parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per litre level and nitrate levels were a concern back in the 70's. @brnweddingYou might have done yourself a favour.If you can taste saltiness to that extent, then it's not a good idea to be consuming the end product.I would be worried about consuming nitrates at any level above advised health authority recommendations. I wonder if there is an alternative, but I doubt it. Nutrition. You can place you bacon on racks within the BBQ/Smoker or, if it allows, use Meat Hooks to hang the pork bellies from the top of the smoker. I simply used a dry cure from Weschenfelder Direct (Supracure) Mixed with sea salt (the actual Supracure should only account for 5% or less of the weight of the meat you're curing). I use another (non working) free fridge to do the smoking in! Your heart is in the right place, but adding these known risk agents is not good practice. Method 1) If the skin is still on the belly, remove it and use it to make cracklins. Any smoker will work, but electric models make it easier to maintain the necessary low smoking temperatures needed to get the bacon just right. Cold smoking aids in preserving bacon, and serves as part of the curing process. Individual Briquettes that can be lit and smoulder inside cabinet just as the maze unit would do. You can actually cold smoke in cardboard box but it's best to have something a little more solid to protect your food.A barbecue grill with lid and air vents or a dedicated Smoking cabinet is best.Once you have this you need to produce cold smoke. Sodium nitrate and possibly nitrite have been used in products like Spam (spiced ham) etc. Refrigerated bacon lasts for five days. The … On the plus side, sodium nitrate, indeed all nitrates and all sodium salts are soluble so will dissolve out. I know you say you rinse it, but that would not convince me. What I would suggest is a sodium chloride (table salt) as the moisture remover, and small amount of sodium nitrite as the perseverative. David I'm on FB as Charles Pearmain. This would reduce the overwhelming nitrate content. We hate spam! Check the salmon one too! As for smoking (bacon), that's another issue, but all these methods were in place years ago, like smoked fish (kippers) and salted cod.


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