The ProAccurate Waterproof Thermometer features an 8" long 304 stainless-steel stem and tip. Use a long stem thermometer during your next brew event. 12 inch long stem thermometers and other brewing equipment are for sale at Adventures in Homebrewing. This sturdy 1/8" Diameter and 12" long probe … To follow up the temperature of the beer … This DTTC model is remote probe thermometer but also has timers and temperature alarms! Most orders with thermometers … Make sure your brewing experience is always accurate by having a reliable beer thermometer on hand. ... CDN Digital Thermometer LONG PROBE … This is more than enough protection against dropping the thermometer into a pot of water or wort. We have a great selection to ensure you get the brewing thermometer that will best fit your set up. Bayou Classic 800-770 Brew Thermometer. It will enable you to take your brewing … … This brewing thermometer with a long probe is designed to make home brewing akin to small scale bistro brewing. The probe stem is long; Cons: The LCD is not suitable for putting under the water; 3 tips of brewing at home 1.Having the most suitable beer making thermometer.


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