I don't feel like the drum sound was horrible at all, but I think the mix may have been more a problem than anything. Perhaps a little feral at the intro but when they come back in after the vocal starts, they sound great. Hey there! mhm, it sounds like there's a pillow over the drums, I don't hear any air or room-movement..... not my style and IMHO also not the perfect match for the song if you listen to the rest of the instruments/vocals. A little more high end may have helped, but the dynamics give a more intimate, close in sound than any condesers i've heard in the same application. of course... listen to the different elements in the song.. everyting has a quite transparent, open sound and a good amount of space arround. Height of insecurity to have a system that assumes people won't like the band after having heard it. doesn't sound horrid man, the above comments are good advice. … I put other mics on the hi-hats and ride and use a mono OH waaaayyyyyy up high, but I have the luxury of a high studio ceiling, so I make use of it. Shure Unveils New Campaign For Integrated Systems Business: TAGOVI adapter b98 amp beta54 Beta 56 beta 57 beta58 mrezica Beta 58A Beta 87 beta98amp/c blx sm58 dj dj slusalice glxd beta87 glx sm58 in ear in ear monitoring instrumentalni KSM8 KSM9 Mikrofoni mrezica overhead P3TRA215CL P9HW PGA31 psm300 psm900 Psm1000 SE215 SE535 SE846 Shure blxr shure glxd shure … If you’re looking for a reliable overhead drum mic, this is … SM57+X2uは業界標準のSM57カーディオダイナミック楽器用マイクロホンとX2u USBシグナルアダプターのバンドルで、暖かくクリアな音を再現するためのデジタルレコーディング機器です。, SM58+X2uは業界標準のSM58カーディオダイナミックボーカル用マイクロホンとX2u USBシグナルアダプターのバンドルで、温かみのあるクリアな音を再現するためのデジタルレコーディングに最適です。, アンプまたはアコースティック楽器のパフォーマンスやレコーディングに最適なプロ品質のマイクロホン。, SM137は、多用途でフラットレスポンスなカーディオイド・コンデンサー型マイクロホンです。, BETA 57Aは繊細なアコースティック楽器の音を再現するために設計された高精度なダイナミックマイクロホンです。, ライブパフォーマンス、音空間の創造、スタジオレコーディングでのボーカル収音のために生まれた、プロ仕様のカーディオイド・ ダイナミック・マイクロホンです。, PDFをダウンロード And why not, to control the high frequency wash? I don't get the feeling there moving air altough I hear reverb. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. (4,227 KB), ファイルをダウンロード Really want to try this now! Tips would be greatly appreciated. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. mhm, it sounds like there's a pillow over the drums, I don't hear any air or room-movement..... not my style and IMHO also not the perfect match for the song if you listen to the rest of the instruments/vocals. SM57's are awesome for micing snares, guitar amps and even bass drums. asdetr yhtu juik 02-10-2006 #2 RideTheCrash … If you're serious about selling this record why not give the link to Bandcamp or iTunes. Thanks to everyone for chiming in. The 57 will work on anything you put it on, it just might not be the sound you're looking for. I find it interesting that I can't hear the song without pushing the "like" button on Facebook. When I started out I used some cheap dynamic vocal mics for overheads that had a decent high end boost for "clarity", but in a mix they didn't sound that different from SDCs, whereas in this mix you can definitely tell they're dynamics. I really like the drum sound! wish I could find a disco band to experiment on... SM57 Mics as Overheads when Recording Drums, live album for Chucho Valdez y Groupo Irakere, https://www.gearslutz.com/board/so-mu...ixes-here.html, Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio. Thanks alot for everyones comments!!! Is it the best overhead mic?? You can get some decent cheap sdc's for that. Could you elaborate on what you think could make the song sound better and how I could make the drums match the song more? The last project I did, we used ribbon mics as the drum OH, and of course they are dynamic mics, too! But yes, if you just have them laying around at your disposal then use it. Or in my case I have neither heard the band nor do I like them. It could definitely be made to fix a bit better with the mix but it's an interesting sound. From, guitars to drums to horns to overheads, this is necessary. That’s why you need one or two in your studio arsenal. beatles used d19 up there and they were the 57's of their day - nothing fancy. SM57 Mics as Overheads when Recording Drums Sm57 microphones are very versatile, they are used on almost every application you can think of, and to add to there versatility, they can also … but the drums don't, they sound very 'dead' if you compare it to the rest. Are they too dry in comparison to everything else or to wet? etc. Not gonna "like" something I've never heard before. Shure SM57 楽器用マイクロホン その他のコンテンツ 最新記事 アコーディオンのマイキング、8つの方法 アーティストとエンジニア~ Dub Master X インタビュー よくある質問(FAQ) マイク編 レ … i enjoy 57's as overheads - gnarly, clunky & meaty - in a good way kind of sound. 1) Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Sometimes, one mic is all you need to get the results you want when playing your drums. The Shure SM57 is a mic you can put on anything, and I mean anything. I'd say you could just boost the high end a bit in the drum bus, and maybe more spacious somehow, whether it's stereo widening, something with reverb, I don't know. Sign in to disable this ad i was wondering if a couple of sure sm57's would be good for overheads on my drums? I've noticed live that the 57 will bring the coolest ping tone out of. This is where it starts to get subjective but.....the guy on post 4 in this thread used less mics, the mics he used are about the same price as the SM57 and the drums sound real, open, alive etc. I've done this as well with surprisingly decent results. Shure - ヒビノインターサウンド株式会社が輸入するShure(シュア)のマイクロホン、ワイヤレスシステム、会議システムなどの詳細、新製品情報、価格情報のご紹介。 ボーカル向け、スピーチ向けなど、 … My bandmates and I discovered the same thing a few years ago. As is, with the dynamics, you get less high end, which can be cool for a more retro type 70's vibe actually, but the drums needed to be more up front in this mix. (78 KB), PDFをダウンロード You could probably get a pretty decent recording of your drums with just the sm57 as an overhead, but usually … Hit The Floor Finished 2.mp3 (6.44 MB, 26149 views).


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