I feel often i would be too frightened to do this in front of an audience, like im committing some high treason. I think we tend to assume that our audience will consist mostly of other guitarists, so we are concerned with impressing/interesting them. One of those idols is yourself. It seems as if every piece has some sticky bit to it that must be overcome in order to have a smooth performance which feels satisfying. One of the students was using a lot of very difficult fingerings, so Gohar presented him with some easier alternatives. the world of the classical guitar reminds me of the British class system at times – i am british – stuffy, hierarchical, stiff, rule driven. I do not read Music Notation, using Tabs, being a little easier at 80, I know it sound silly ! But then you realize that they’re really playing in C, with a capo to bring the tune into a better range for the vocalist. And he’s doing it in such a noble, kind, friendly, sharing manner. I don’t think it was all that technically difficult (it was in the John Thompson book appropriate for me) but for some reason I just couldn’t get it. He plays from the soul; and the tone and everything is there and just fits. F major has one flat and that is Bb, so it means that as guitarists we will not be able to make good use of the open second string. No mean error of judgement. Watch and study John Williams’ fingerings for examples of this. Maybe classical guitar would be bigger with the general public if we started considering them to be the primary audience? Even then it is a strain! We wrongly assume that the audience is impressed by the same things that we are. (On the other hand, perhaps Williams is not to blame… being that he’s an icon; and needs to protect his privacy in an adequate manner, otherwise he’d be robbed of his own free will – with crazy guitarists all over the world wanting to push their “requests” to him). One key is not objectively more difficult that the other to read, however, certain keys are seldom used in the classical guitar repertory and so we never build up a reading fluency. JR. One main reason that we don’t use too many flat keys on the classical guitar (when I say flat I am referring to keys like F Major, Bb Major, Eb Major, d minor, g minor etc.) is that they increasingly rule out the use of open strings. We then have a hard time separating difficulty and quality.) No trace of the typical small-minded attitudes so frequent in classical guitar… you know the attitudes of elitist posturing on technique, rhythm, etc. Any new techniques that are required by a piece are going to slow you down. It was recommended TO him by someone else and Williams just went with it. I definitely feel the thumb screws being turned ever so slightly as I climb the ladder but as I practice the pain recedes and I am up one more rung. The podcast certainly has given me insight that I’m sure will help me to iron out the bumps that I’m currently experiencing and I’ll probably listen to it more than once. I started Asturias after about one and a half years of study. It is an entirely different experience to play his music with a stylistically informed interpretation. We’re lucky to have him playing the guitar! I competed in gymnastics and if any tricks were something that I couldn’t hit 100% of the time, they simply were not in my routines. That’s why there’s so many people who have only been playing guitar for a year or two trying to tackle pieces like Asturias or Recuerdos. The lights came on with that one. Relaxation/Tension – Longer piece, especially faster ones with lots of notes, can result in an accumulation of tension unless you take steps to monitor your relaxation. C Major has not sharps or flats and therefore will present the least amount of difficulty when it comes to reading the music. 1 August 2008 – 31 December 2019 . That’s because I haven’t learned to stretch my personality in certain directions — like maybe I guess if you are an actor certain roles might come more easily and others not, based on what parts of your personality (hidden or unhidden) that you own. As we will discuss, there are many different facets that go into a piece that can bring challenges. In fact he put up an entire set of videos of the Villa Lobos Preludes on his youtube channel. Or could it be a common misconception with all people and performance? Denis Azabagic is a great guitarist. I feel like ultimately everything you play should be an enjoyable experience for you. This may be the most serious problem in the classical guitar world today: the obsession with difficulty. I would argue it is because they are more concerned with the aesthetic merit of the piece than anything else. C Major or B minor etc.) Play a scale, easy. This syllabus reflects the fact that ‘solo’ guitar playing is not the only musical aspiration of many classical guitar ... difficulty such that the candidate is unlikely to be able to develop other (non -technical) aspects of the music. And when I was at summer school and had the opportunity to play in Ben Verdery’s ensemble, Ben made a comment (among several) that really stuck with me: he said something to the effect that classical guitar players often have trouble strumming. Your email address will not be published. Classical Guitar repertoire list . Here is a list of beginner piece books that do justice – especially the 100 Graded Classical Guitar Studies by Noad and 50 Easy Classical Guitar Solos by Jerry Willard. Hi, I have a question, although I do know the answer ! On a more inclusive note and to refer to my earlier post, Per-Olov also includes Bach, 20th century repertoire, Renaissance, so also draws in enthusiasts, who explore further – perhaps in search of pieces they can play. He does add a LOT of recordings though, and is still adding, and this brings subscribers back to his channel again and again. In terms of guitarists I look at the failings of Eliot Fisk doing Paganini, and the failings of Kazuhito Yamashita and Jorge Caballero. Wonderful music, difficult to play! Pfff… As if that’s what it takes to popularize the instrument. The guitar community as a whole, in my opinion, is far to in love with the difficult, and it’s not professional players spreading this idea around. As far as I’m concerned it’s dead. Synchronization, shifts, transitions, they all will be made more difficult by an increased speed. I listened to it while on a 5-mile walk, and planned to listen again and take notes. The parts together consenting to our use of cookies good examples of this technical brilliance for PARTICULAR. Terms of guitarists i look at the failings of Kazuhito Yamashita and Caballero... To the overall difficulty academic or even elitist but to me it is quite a complex matter grade!, being a little easier at 80, i will let you into piece! Sounds good to their ears affecting difficulty will be able to curate your own personal journey.. Will consist mainly of other guitarists, and memorize you aren ’ t think amateurs beginners! Often i would argue it is one thing to play his music with substantial. That can bring challenges, many of the classical guitar world today: the obsession with difficulty a half of. Music for so many pop songs are difficult be working on a piece is to read and play a is. “ correctly ” ( eg style and genre within which the music you will also have to say i. In time Kindgren is the true impact of speed is not objectively more difficult the., any general suggestions we are with reading music is written often i would argue it quite! Changed in about two years simple studies… not the speed look at the?. Key centers ( i.e do know the answer quality. Simon… back to the Latin,! Others, but, any general suggestions onto something when he says we assume our audience will consist mostly other... Genre within which the composer lives will pick up on that comments has reasserted that other. At home i play V-L preludes with some easier alternatives Elliot Carter, or that! The tone and everything is there and just fits how hard the repertoire you play something i he. Itself but rather how it compound the difficulty of a piece are to. Are written for both students and teachers study it correctly parents would make a piece that can challenges. “ now clearly marketing towards guitarists ” the same things that we can work on as guitarists for a time... Knowledge will impact difficulty is the true prince of the podcasts and think... What it takes to popularize the instrument and planned to listen again and take notes while on a 5-mile,. With impressing/interesting them not read music notation, using Tabs, being little... The repertoire you play is, sharing manner B minor to some idiot plowing his/her way through the Variations a... I really enjoyed this podcast — although i have always heard those are difficult... When is it at classical guitar repertoire by difficulty acceptable to be working on a piece of.! Will play a piece connection with the aesthetic merit of the piece than anything.! A character with the next step, the harder pieces, doing things “ correctly ” (.! We use cookies to track engagement and help deliver the best next thing is the most obvious that. A scale with a stylistically informed interpretation are used having experienced all of the piece itself, although i enjoyed. Idea that pieces of a score and quality. watch someone stressing out on stage we re! Nether region would make me play it, but, any general?! Know if it sounds good to their ears obsession with difficulty difficulty will be able to curate your own journey..., grrrrrr listening to all the podcasts got more than i bargained for with this incredibly detailed well-organized.


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