Regular classroom attendance and participation is an essential part of the learning process. Write a conversation prompt on the board. Active Listening requires more than just class attendance. Experts say the average person has 25% listening efficiency.Listening with understanding, is more than just sitting back and letting words flow into your ears.Listening is an active skill that is at least as hard as talking, maybe harder. Reflective teaching means looking at what you do in the classroom, thinking about why you do it, and thinking about if it works - a process of self-observation and self-evaluation. Reflective relationships begin by listening … For example, “What do you most The key to effective listening and interpersonal skills more generally is the ability to have a truly open mind - to understand why others think about things differently to you and use this information to gain a better understanding of the speaker. Learning is a cycle of four steps: preparing, absorbing, capturing and reviewing. This study describes procedures for carrying out these tasks in a Japanese university English listening course. The rapport between a teacher can student can set students on the right path to social skill development. ABC: This activity demonstrates distracted listening a. Organize students into pairs. From an analysis of the student reflective comments various categories emerge including dealing with difficult sounds and unknown words, listening and speaking strategy use, and peer-recommended listening websites. Explicitly teach the skill of listening (yes those acronyms do help). and reinforce students for using the skill appropriately. CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES: REFLECTIVE LISTENING 1. The teacher should come in the classroom and begin taking roll in a different language. 6. Let them designate who is A and who is B. b. Examples of reflective listening statements: 1 Student: “I’m really having difficulty focusing in class. Listening is a difficult skill that few people ever learn. The lectures are interesting, but I find myself daydreaming and then I miss something important.” Fellow: “You want to find a strategy for performing better in class.” Break it down into components for students and then practise, (use role play, make posters, drammtise etc.) (If you do not know a different language, just make up mixed-up words that the students will not be able to understand.) Non-Verbal Signs of Ineffective Listening. There are five stages to Active Listening: receiving, understanding, evaluating, responding and remembering. Relate to students that this is the way communication is. Use reflective listening to defuse tricky situations. The topic should be something the speaker will care about. According to the American Psychological Association, creating a positive relationship in the classroom is the best way to support learners in your classroom.


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