My Ex Filed for Custody of Our Children—What Do I Do Now? What's the Difference Between Physical and Joint Custody? Cons of Filing Child Support in Court Courts are not usually very supportive whenever a disagreement arises. 4. [adrotate banner=”24″] The following are ten reasons not to … Will you be able to pay for your child's extra-curricular activities, their medical and dental care, or their college tuition down the line? If you are already receiving government assistance and the father's name is on your child's birth certificate, then the government will most likely seek to collect child support, either with or without your consent. There may be other reasons you might not want to file for child support. Generally, the law requires a person paying child support to make those payments until any of these apply: Plus, refusing to file for child support out of fear won't guarantee that your child's other parent won't someday exercise his or her parental rights, anyway. It's helpful to know your state's child custody laws so there aren't any surprises. The child support system exists to ensure that children receive the financial support they need throughout their childhoods. Deciding whether or not to file for child support can be a difficult task. Because court-ordered child support obligations continue even when there's a problem with the relationship between the parent and the child or between the two parents. If you are sharing custody of your children and you both earn approximately the same amount of income, child support payments may not be required. How to Win an International Custody Dispute and Get Your Children Back. 1. Reason 5 . Here are five key questions to ask before deciding whether to file for child support. Has your child's father already filed for child custody? 6 Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce. The child support assessment is unfair because the payer has paid or transferred money, goods or property to the child, the payee, or a third party for the benefit of the child; Reason 6 . It is important to remember that adequate support is subjective. Tips for Savvy Working Parents to Lower Their Child Care Cost, 5 Emotions You'll Experience When Your Child Divorces, 26 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Attorney, 5 Reasons Legal Separation Might Be the Right Choice for You, The Strongest Reasons for Stopping Your Ex's Visitation Rights, Everything You Need to Know About Free Child Custody Lawyers, What to Know If You're Thinking of Divorcing Your Spouse. Your child has the right to be financially supported by both of their parents. Get answers to these questions before you pursue the termination of child support orders for yourself or your child. You might be worried that asking for child support will encourage your child's other parent to ask for more parenting time or shared custody—among other potentially complicated situations. Children need financial support from their parents – and they have a legal right to it. The people who speak out against rigorous child support enforcement (both men and women) are vehement that the enforcement measures are unfair to men, but offer no practical means to care for and provide a standard of living for children that these men have created. The decision to vaccinate SHOULD include extensive research to determine if it is right for your family. If the father has already initiated a child custody case, and you have not yet filed for child custody, then it may be in your best interest to do so now. Step-by-Step Advice for Those Considering a Divorce, The Strongest Reasons for Stopping Your Ex's Visitation Rights, 5 Reasons Legal Separation Might Be the Right Choice for You, Your Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Divorce. In family law, arrears are the amount one party owes the other in the form of child or spousal support. What To Expect When You're a Divorced Single Parent. It's also important to remember that you won't be eligible for government assistance if you're a single parent and have chosen not to file for child support. The advantage of having court-ordered child support is that the legal system enforces regular payments. Ask yourself how you feel about having the other parent actively participate in your child’s life. If your little one is legally recognized as the child of their other parent, it also opens the door for kids to receive additional benefits like Social Security and health care through this parent's employer. Do you have a good relationship with the child's father? Therefore, you should not stop paying child support just because the child is no longer participating in regularly scheduled visits. Consider whether you will be able to afford future expenses. In some cases, if you have a positive co-parenting relationship, it may not be necessary to formally file for child support. When children live with both parents, courts rarely, if ever direct the parents how to provide financial support for their children. For more information about child support, refer to the child support guidelines in your state or speak with an attorney. You usually do not know who the mediator is until you get to court. Is the father expecting another child with someone else? This is the single most important factor to consider when deciding whether or not to file for child support. This is a practical decision, rather a vindictive one. In fact, if your child's other parent is threatening to file for shared custody if you ask for child support, your familiarity with the actual child custody statutes in your state may put your mind at ease. Are you in need of financial support to adequately provide for your child? At that time both parents are notified by the child support … Since they are paid little or not at all, if court mediators see a point of no agreement, they will simply end their mediation immediately. Child Support. Ensuring that your child's needs are being met comes before anything else (although, you already know that). However, in most cases, more involvement between a child and both of their parents is a positive experience. Ask yourself if you can support your child on your own without child support. There are many reasons why a child support case can be closed. Your child has the right to be financially supported by both of their parents. 5. If you are not married to your child's father, then legally he is not your child’s father unless. Part of the process of filing for child support involves proving paternity and once paternity is established, that may allow your child's other parent to exercise some previously-ignored parental rights, like visitation. If they ask a court to decide, the court will use guidelines to determine child support payments. Legal Separation Or Divorce: What's The Difference? The costs of maintaining a child are significantly affected by the high child care costs for the child (and the child is under 12 years of age) Reason 7 . Whether you want to file for child support or not, it's actually your child's right to receive it. This form says that you both agree he is the father. In other words, even when the child's father does not pay child support regularly, the court may still determine that the child is entitled to generous visitation with the other parent. 2. If a mother does not believe the support she's receiving meets the child's needs, she should consider initiating a child support action in court. In a Child Custody Case, Who Is Really the Better Parent, According to the Court? Children's Right to Financial Support by Parents, Determine If You Can Provide Support Solo, Reflect on Other Parent's Ideal Participation. 3. Therefore, to avoid having to return to court for another hearing, many single mothers opt to file for child support following the father's request for child custody. However, the process is lengthy and it may be several months before you can actually receive any funds so it's important to consider your current and anticipated needs, as well as all of these factors. The reason for filing at this time is because it's reasonable to expect that having another child will financially impact the child's father. Are you currently receiving government assistance? When parents separate or divorce, they should try to agree on the amount of child support. Bear in mind that child support payments do not impact child custody or visitation determinations in most courts. Parental rights are each parent's rights to their child. From the government's perspective, it's better to collect as much child support as possible from the father right at the beginning than to later support the child through public assistance.


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