Not sure if that will work though, but it’s wort a shot. Make some friends, it is easy in India, and if they have a Paytm account they transfer the amount onto your Paytm account and you give them the cash. Thanks. Registering Airtel money wallet was not possible for foreign tourist with only passport. Hi i want to make a payment online on an indian website but i cannot use my internationally cards as they don’t accept them… Also cannot sign up for airtel as i need to have an india voter id passport etc… Do you have any recommendations? Bus and train tickets can be booked online, and even small paan shops now accept cards or digital money. Not sure why such restrictions, especially in area of high intl tourists. I also use affiliate links for other brands and services throughout the blog. Delite and Elite offer credit limit up to Rs 1,00,000 in monthly spending with no additional convenience charges. To repay the postpaid bill, multiple payment options like UPI, Debit card, and net banking, are already available with the platform. I would like to hear if anyone has found a method to get everything done without waiting in a line, filling out a form or having cash limits. Thanks to all the readers who tried and let us know. Thank you. With the 2-way authentication India has now adopted, it has just gone to another level. Your best bet is to not load too much money (we usually loaded 2000 Rs at a time), and keep good track of when you bought your sim card. Sharing my experiences for now. Not all vendors allow payments with a foreign debit or credit card, for instance, and the ones who do only work erratically (I’m looking at you, IRCTC). So at Grand Central station ticket booth (not vending machine), I used my intl credit card for us$30 and cash for us$50 ! Awesome post. You could try going to an Airtel store and see if they can help. Postpaid offers a credit limit of up to Rs 1 lakh, which can be increased with timely repayments. No fees. Bring along your passport and visa, and photocopies of them as the outlet i visited didn’t have a photocopy machine in it. Can I use that debit card to pay spotify? All I need now to be able to send fresh fruits & vegetables to my parents using online grocery stores like BigBasket but they don’t accept US issued credit cards. Sorry doesn’t work – requires an adhar card and foreigners don’t have those. What is Paytm? If anybody finds a way to make this work with Airtel as of 2019 – please post. The PayTM method noted in this article still works and will get you a 10,000 rupee limit per month. Although you can’t charge Amazon pay with an international card you can apparently charge the airtel sim by paying with your international card through Amazon. You can also use the money to top up your phone credit, or send credit to others regardless of carrier, which is pretty handy. So the thing is, I added money to my wallet using my AMEX credit card, I was charged $1 for adding 1 rupees and same when I tried adding 5 rupees. How to pay online in India as a foreigner - Lost With Purpose Required fields are marked *. Online wallets seem like a great alternative to paying with debit or credit card… right? Paytm for Business - Accept merchant payments on your mobile app or website, retail store and point of sale via Paytm Wallet, UPI, Debit/Credit Cards, NetBanking and EMI. The only problem now is I don’t know how to recharge it…. If you have an Airtel sim card—which we recommend, as it offers good coverage at decent rates—and download the My Airtel app (Android, iOS), you automatically have an Airtel Payments Bank account linked to your mobile number. doesn’t accept my credit card — I get as far as putting in the address and then it says my PIN code is not valid (duh — because it’s a zip code). So what exactly is the deal? This article was extremely helpful with the last item.


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