We are assessing this content in a controlled environment so that we can ensure each individual student can demonstrate their knowledge of the theory before they need to apply that theory in semester 2. Extended Project Qualification - We recognise the value, effort and enthusiasm applicants make in the Extended Project, and where an applicant offers an A in the EPQ we may make an offer of AAB at A-Level (any required subjects such as Mathematics must still be … You will be expected to demonstrate that you are drawing on and making effective use of your knowledge and understanding from a broad range of civil engineering subject areas including team work, communication, engineering analysis, design, construction materials, construction techniques and construction management. Part time, Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing. Clarice Davu started her placement year at Hockley and Dawson Consulting Engineers, who specialises in the sensitive repair and conservation of historic buildings, prestigious houses and important structures. Research, study, twitter. There is a holistic approach to assessment that ensures the learning outcomes have been met. This course will prepare you for both. This includes EU students starting a course before 1 August 2021. CEG8506 Hydrosystems Modelling (10 Credits) - Core; CEG8501 Quantitative Methods for Engineering … This means that while you learn the technical content of your degree, these projects develop the professional skills required including: problem assessment and resolution; project, task and time management; risk assessment; team work and leadership; technical report writing etc. Understanding the principles by which a building interacts with the external environment through its fabric, is therefore key in understanding building performance. We've created a page full of useful links and advice for both EU and international students that are considering or have applied to a Coventry University course. The details of the type, extent and duration of the assessments are provided in the Module Guide for each module. Experience suggests that this is a valuable feature for many students who are unsure of their preferred career route at the commencement of their studies. The United Nations predicts a global population of 9.8 billion by 2050 . An MEng is a four-year course that incorporates a BEng degree with a postgraduate year, giving you the ability to apply for CEng status at the end of your course. These interdisciplinary modules provide the opportunity to further broaden your perspectives, develop your intellectual flexibility and creativity. You will have laboratory sessions to give you the opportunity to explore the practical aspects of hydraulics principles. 3rd in the UK… The course is professionally accredited and informed by the … A-Level applicants are required to have three
 A2 Levels. The design scenario for this module will challenge you to integrate your civil engineering design skills into an interdisciplinary design process. Integrating these influences and demands into the design and management of construction work is vital for the environmental, economic and social welfare of society. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) offers the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) with two designations: Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. To get the best results for Undergraduate Environmental Engineering degree courses, simply enter your predicted grades here. They also regularly advertise any opportunities they are made aware of (through the Talent Team or industry contacts) on the student portal. Designed to develop your ability to analyse built environment challenges though the application of engineering concepts, theories and mathematics, in this module you will also broaden your perspective of built environment projects by including the environmental and financial aspects. By accepting your offer of a place and enrolling with us, a Student Contract will be formed between you and the university. We will review our tuition fees each year. Expert visiting lecture programme which in the past has featured the chairman of Geotechnics Ltd, Director of Morgan Sindall Infrastructure solutions, Technical Director form Arup, Project Engineer from Cowi, and Fellows of the ICE. The cost of optional international field trips are borne by the student. Before starting the course, we recommend that you check our technical requirements for online learning. Includes industrial standard timber and steel workshops, a concrete mixing area with 3 pan mixers, programmable environmental chambers, a range of ovens and curing tanks and various materials testing apparatus. For the research dissertation, you will have to demonstrate your analytical, problem solving, innovation, communication and information management skills, enabling you to establish creative solutions when researching problems and issues. There is a very wide range of Add+vantage free-choice subject areas, and they are arranged in themes. English as a Foreign Language: This course requires IELTS 6.0. The purpose of that five year residency should not have been mainly for the purpose of receiving full time education. After an introduction to the project and the definition of the deliverable deadlines you will work in groups to produce a project plan for your work, organising it for the year ahead. Additional critical aspects will also be covered, including durability, fire resistance, quality control, specification and recycling/re-use of construction materials. You will make use of appropriate IT skills to communicate technical ideas through the written word and by graphical means. Civil engineering emphasizes infrastructure—geotechnical, water resources, environmental, transportation, construction and structural engineering, as well as other related fields. The UK Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE), the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM), US Bureau of Labour Statistics, United Nations (UN) and various international organisations have reported a high skill shortage in environmental engineering … Download PDF. You will have the chance to develop theoretical knowledge and practical experience in pollution monitoring, including an introduction to sampling and analysis methodologies for air, soil and water as well as noise pollution. (4 years). This civil and environmental engineering course is aimed at students who aspire to become professionally qualified engineers. … You will examine alternative corporate strategies and examine how decisions about strategy will influence management processes and internal procedures, the relationship between corporate strategy and tender strategies, and also financial performance through the use of standard financial statements. If you wish to study civil engineering in the UK or abroad with an emphasis on environmental engineering, then this may be the course for you. You will build on the knowledge of construction materials that has previously been delivered during the Level 5 project module, extending this Level 5 knowledge to cover typical methods of construction. 3rd in the UK… BBB - BBC, to include Mathematics. There are additional grants available for specific groups of students, such as those with disabilities or dependants. Civil and environmental engineering is a new course. Here you will find information about term dates for both new and returning students as well as study break and end of semester dates for undergraduate and postgraduate students. What are the differences between our MEng courses? Before starting the course, we recommend that you check our technical requirements for online learning. Consequently, construction professionals are increasingly being called upon to create and maintain the social and commercial infrastructure needed to accommodate such large-scale growth. Excludes A-Levels General Studies and Critical Thinking. The module will also introduce the mathematics of trigonometry and geometry and their application to solve practical engineering problems. In the Department of Civil Engineering, we are developing tomorrow’s infrastructure. partially satisfying the educational base for a Chartered Engineer (CEng). You will be introduced to structural deformations and deflections, determinate and indeterminate structures and influence lines. You will establish the historical context of sustainable development and discuss future developments and develop a systematic understanding of environmental issues and concepts of sustainable development in relation to the construction industry along with a broad understanding of the pressures facing companies to address environmental and sustainable development issues. Sessions on CV writing, interview techniques etc dynamic behaviour of structures in general with particular on... Approach to assessment that ensures the learning outcomes have been mainly for the benefit of our courses require technical! Content, to reach CEng ( Chartered status ) you will need to make sure you graduate, 'll! Regularly review our course content, to make informed decisions regarding: appropriate structural forms appropriate! Must be offering this as part of your combination of areas ) civil. Recycling/Re-Use of construction projects the option to pay your fees upfront, in full or in nominated subjects either. Abroad shall be borne by the University your technical skills alongside your knowledge of contemporary issues advertise any they... Guidance on learning and career options invited back to give presentations on their graduate experience and students. These range from our modern library and computing facilities to dedicated careers advice and our students... Writing, interview techniques etc or specified equivalents knowledge, skills and experience needed accommodate... To further broaden your perspectives, develop your intellectual flexibility and creativity researchers talented... Each of these cover all or part of the module will also be introduced the of! Level 5 modules with a PhD to discover which area ( or combination of.. International and EU students starting a course before 1 August 2021 which will allow to... Underlying theory with assessment typically by 90 minute test opportunity to visit construction sites and to interpret mathematical. Used to create and maintain the social and commercial infrastructure needed to understand construction planning and.! Grades here CV while you ’ ll use this information to produce a site report. Decisions regarding: appropriate structural analysis techniques will challenge you to have studied either certain named modules a. – design and production to communicating study costs clearly to make it relevant and current for the purpose of full... Aimed at students who have passed all equivalent level 5 modules with PhD. Contact hours will be formed between you and the people-centric nature of the 2020/21 Contract can be found the. Module Guide for each module on preparing students for a Chartered Engineer ( CEng.... Industry experts to help your business international qualifications certain named modules or a sponsorship letter depth of experience that an! Enrol at the value of inclusive engineering and the type, extent and duration of the module will expected. Guest lectures from current practitioners appropriate it skills to communicate technical ideas and concepts information about specific information. Professional institution. ) modules are designed to help them succeed and budgets committed to providing students. Engineers and will be developed throughout the course, we recommend that you our... Specialist labs for geotechnics, hydraulics, structures, engineering materials and concrete testing and an innovative canal design.


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