Turns out, he had built a search engine. As a young person you might feel daunted by talking to experienced business people and you might wonder about things such as whether they will take you seriously as a minor. Especially if you’re starting young - don’t be put off if success doesn’t come right away, she continued. 1. You will learn to think on your feet, overcome tough challenges, be creative, manage finances, be diplomatic, and lead your team. Kylie Jenner, 19, launched a make-up brand with her sister, Kendall, at 16. “It’s got to be the next frontier. By There is also a wealth of general information available about starting a business on this website and across the internet. Chances are if your parents find value in you doing a particular task, others will too. Prepare a business plan and materials. Dr. Haya Al-Dajani, Lecturer, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management at Norwich Business Schooltells inspiresme.co.uk: "The rising trend in young enterprise might be attributed by some to the popularity of TV shows such as The Apprentice and Dragons Den. Sophia Epstein, By It honestly couldn’t matter less if you don’t succeed at 16. Under the age of 15, it is hard to find ways to earn money. See our, Flexible office and studio space across London, Please enter a valid business email address, Click here for the latest updates, resources and advice from Workspace on COVID-19 >, Starting up a company when you're under 18. take a look at our innovative commercial properties? By submitting your enquiry/request you agree to Workspace Group sending you information about our properties and business related support services. If you already have a computer and an internet connection in your house it’s possible to start up an online business with less than £50 and then build it up into something bigger as you go along. The good news is that many people are impressed by young entrepreneurs and see it as a good thing; so as long as you conduct yourself in a professional manner there is no reason why other business people won’t take you seriously or why it should act as a barrier to success. It also means that you will be unable to borrow money or have a credit card, so if you need to raise finance for your business this needs to come from an alternative source. There are also issues surrounding your legal status as a minor and the type of work that you can do, not to mention balancing business with your education and the usual business headaches of registering your company, understanding tax and growing your business. Starting a business at any age is a big ... Young people aged under 16 are required by law to be in full-time education and there are also restrictions on how many hours you can work per week. You can't drive, are too young to be hired by a restaurant or business, and it's still risky to sell to strangers without a trusted adult around (and without new customers, a business … At 12, all you really care about is the toys you can play with, and that really sparked a passion in me to build technology.”, Like any career, there are specific skills that are important to acquire if you’re hoping to become a founder. Getting young people to understand entrepreneurship as a means to social change and innovation rather than personal economic gains only is a real need that can be met by a collective effort from media, education institutions and successful entrepreneurs.". He is currently on the board for … Want to find out more? Dr Al-Dajani continues: "However, we still need to do more to ensure a dynamic entrepreneurial economy in the near future - when our youth reach adulthood. As you get started, don’t get too caught up on whether you’ve got a good idea or not.”, “There’s no downside to being a founder at 16 - you’re only more employable. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. With recent research showing that the average age of entrepreneurs is declining, we take a look at some of the specific issues and challenges faced by entrepreneurs aged under 18 and guide you through some of the main things to be aware of as a minor… Starting a business at any age is a big challenge. After a series of different ventures, he eventually landed on Tapdaq, an in-app advertising platform which helps mobile developers to grow and retain their app’s user base. Matt Reynolds, By Starting a business is exciting—but also demanding. Welcome to WIRED UK. While starting a business isn’t easy, it will change your life for the better. “You need to ask yourself: what can you do that no-one else can do? It is essential that you find a good balance between your business, your education and things such as seeing your friends and relaxing with your family. Chris Stokel-Walker, Entrepreneur First doesn't find startups, it builds them, Inside the prophetic, angry mind of Black Mirror's Charlie Brooker, To survive the pandemic’s doom, startups need to work together, Why you're not a morning person: Podcast 403, Netflix should be worried about subscription fatigue hitting the UK. “You have to just get started - there are no barriers to entrepreneurship: you don’t have to pass a test, and you don’t need to have tons of money,” Alice Bentinck, co-founder and COO of Entrepreneur First told WIRED. Please search again, or click 'Find it for me' to see our whole portfolio. This could be: Thanks to the internet, many businesses can be set up with very little finance. “Pretty much all ideas at the beginning are bad ideas,” said Bentinck. A lack of finance doesn’t have to be a barrier to business success and you only have to look at some of the world’s most successful companies and entrepreneurs to know that this is true. Sorry, we don't have any properties in that area. WIRED, By Ahead of the Next Generation conference, WIRED speaks to Alice Bentinck and Ted Nash on how to get into the startup game young, By With recent research showing that the average age of entrepreneurs is declining, we take a look at some of the specific issues and challenges faced by entrepreneurs aged under 18 and guide you through some of the main things to be aware of as a minor…. Ted Nash, CEO of Tapdaq, also knows a thing or two about getting into starups early after he launched a business at the age of 12.


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