"Girl, Woman, Other" turns out to be a nuanced and entertaining novel about women of color in contemporary Britain. Amma is the Big Bang of “Girl, Woman, Other,” from which the universe of this novel expands in all directions. Each section has its own voice and style while the characters interact with each other throughout (so the reader gets different versions/perspective I snuck one more book in from the Booker Prize shortlist before it is awarded tonight. “Girl, Woman, Other” is a big, busy novel with a large root system. But, like the dust storm of the Booker debate, these gripes fail to cloud the singular achievement of Girl, Woman, Other. Though some of Evaristo's characters harbor fantasies of Amazon girl … Her life represents the struggle of a female artist of color coming of age in Britain. The women are also predominantly black, but the book does not address issues of race, but focuses more on the day to day challenges that they face as a result of being women. There are twelve characters in all, each with their own chapters that tell their individual stories; all are women, except for the twelfth character, a gender-queer girl. To order a copy go to guardianbookshop.com or call 0330 333 6846. Through the lives of these 12 women… With humor and empathy, Evaristo highlights the contradictions of being an artist and contending with the often conflicting demands of the capitalist marketplace and the art-making process. • Girl, Woman, Other is published by Hamish Hamilton (£16.99). Free UK p&p over … Amma Bonsu. Girl, Woman, Other outlines the arc of Amma’s creative career. Rather like John Coltrane’s riff on My Favourite Things, Girl, Woman, Other soars away on multiple emotional trajectories before, in the final chapter, set during the after-party of Amma’s triumphant first night, coming back to land, with the characters finally all in the same room. Girl, Woman, Other follows a string of women in the UK, and all are women of color with a fair amount of varying sexual orientation. Girl, Woman, Other Character Analysis.


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