Family law is rightly concerned with what's best for the child – set out in the Children Act 1989, specifically Section 1: the Welfare of the Child. Sorry for the long post and thankyou in advance for any thoughts or comments x. I say we need to move slow, that it will be traumatic for our son. You are so sorted, it's amazing - your daughter is so lucky to have a strong mum like you! I would stick to what you are doing, going to his parents and sharing the time you and him both have with her. Some of you may know my situation  - i'm not 'with' my daughters dad. I'd say you are well within your rights to not let her stay overnight at her dads unless you are there too until she's at least a year old. We are going to mediation but I don't know how to express how I feel and present my case. Dad wants to take baby overnight.. too young? Posted 26/05/2009. I'm sure you've thought of that though. So i said dont ask me to come over if your going to ignore me! Really at a loss he seems to really disagree with me. Parental responsibility means that both of you should consult, and consent, on matters such as schooling, medical treatment, etc. That is exactly what i said pamela - i explained that i am not for one minute saying i think hes not capable of looking after her - i wouldnt let anyone even if theyed raised a hundred babies perfectly without a single mistake i would not let them take my baby overnight! Contact Annalisa Barbieri, The Guardian, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9GU or email When supplying the numbers for the child support calculation, the father can only deduct a miniscule amount for the children with his new wife, yet his ex is awarded an inequitable, top-heavy amount for the children from their former union. I Dont really know what to do tbh im sick oftrying to make him happy now, i do everything he asks and he ignores me still. Please flag if you think our product match is incorrect. I understand he wants to see her but he can't expect to have her overnight just yet. He has told me to get over it and is threatening to reduce financial support unless I agree. Just so you know, we may earn a commission if you buy something we’ve linked to here. I would tell him to come and stay at your house for the weekend if he wants to be near her. Only files 8MB or smaller of the following types are supported: JPEG, PNG, GIF. But as your daughter and her father have not really had much chance to bond (despite your best intentions) and she is so little, I think they need to build up this bond with frequent daytime visits until you feel comfortable with her going to stay overnight. We both wanted to keep the baby but decided not to rekindle the relationship. Even after i'd had lily, i didnt want him driving home [it was half 4 in the morning when he left the hospital] As he was knackered and i worry about people driving when tired its so dangerous, he wouldnt even go to my dads then to get a couple of hours sleep. Hope this helps a bit from the other point of view! I Live with my dad, where he is always welcome to come and stay at the weekends. Mummy2charlie you are right - Although hes not like a control freak as such - He wouldnt ever tell me i can or cannot do something i want to do such as go out with my friends etc. It isn't fair to expect you travel up to his parents every time, and I would say your baby is def too young to be away from you overnight. So we stay at his parents when im up there with lily, Which isnt a big deal or anything - there house is huge. maybe he will get bored of hearing it and pack in, or maybe ill just have to put up with repeating myself to him till i feel shes old enough!!! I will send you a copy, but you can also find it on the web. He wont have me stay at his for some reason. I THink shes too young to beaway from me, i have no problem with him taking her out for the day i will happily go to my mums for the day [which is about half hour form his]. He told me he'd lost his job and moved to stoke, Then when i got sick of being on my own and moved back to nottingham because i felt i had no one there - i wanted my friends i needed some kindof support emotionally, he told me he'd moved to scotland [his parents have a house there too]. Hii, Some of you may know my situation - i'm not 'with' my daughters dad. Hi sorry am gatecrashing from PAM but I started going out with my DH (dear husband) when his daughter was 3 months old (they'd separated 6 months before). Get expert guidance from the world's #1 pregnancy and parenting resource, delivered via email, our apps, and website. However, he left two weeks after the birth, complaining about, among other things, lack of sleep. You need to think about what you believe is best for your daughter and present that at mediation (great that you are trying mediation). I wouldn't be happy about sending a child somewhere I hadn't vetted first. He has ignored me all weekend like her usually does - I Leave him to it when hes doing stuff with lily but when hes not all i want is a cuddle i feel so lonely tbh. BabyCenter aims to share products and services we hope you’ll find interesting and helpful.


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