Facts: Deciduous Rhododendron. Dwarf Purple Rhododendron Rhododendron impeditum (H-2) Sku #0945. Pot grown. Family: Ericaceae Genus: Rhododendron. Autumn Bonfire holds its bright green foliage year-round, and grows to an average of 3 ft. high by 3.5 ft. wide. A compact type of small leaf Japanese Azalea. Ideal for cooler regions, with some protection from winter winds. Azaleas are beautiful in borders and clusters. Choose from 31 multiseason blooming azalea varieties that love sun or part shade. Since then, azalea breeders have developed many cultivars, such as "Blaauw's Pink" (Rhododendron "Blaauw's Pink"), which grows in USDA zones 6 through 9, and "Hino-crimson" (Rhododendron "Hino-crimson"), which is hardy in USDA zones 5 through 8. Evergreen. Common: Deciduous, Exbury, Mollis, Western, Sweet, Coast Azalea Origin: Eastern & Western North America, Asia & Europe Characteristics: All Rhododendrons & Azaleas included in this article lose their leaves during winter. Encore Azalea 1-Gallon Pink Empress Flowering Shrub in Pot. This tiny plant displays gorgeous clusters of bright purple flowers in late spring. Shop Azalea Dwarf Diamond Japanese Collection at J Parker Dutch Bulbs. for pricing and availability. Dense, low & mounding. The world's best-selling reblooming azalea, Encore Azaleas bloom in spring, summer and fall. Encore Azalea is the world's best-selling multi-season blooming azalea. Azalea shrubs are used extensively in landscape design for good reason: when planted right and in the right spot they are easy to grow and long lived, come in a wide array of flower colors, and they have many uses in landscape design as specimens, in groupings or to form colorful hedges. Encore Azalea 1-Gallon Multicolor Autumn Chiffon (2-pack) Flowering Shrub in Pot. Rhododendron flowers can be white, pink, yellow, orange, red or a combination of several colors. Encore Azalea come in a wide range of sizes and are very versatile in the landscape. Item #1324917. They can be used in the shrub border and containers or in masses. Sizes of these flowering shrubs will vary with each color. Item #1324920. Dwarf evergreen Azalea. Most native azalea species range in height from 6 to 20 feet tall, but hybrids are ideal for a small garden. Dwarf Azalea Varieties. Excellent for rock garden planting. A dwarf flowering evergreen shrub with a tight, compact form and sensational spring flowers. Model #80501-2. Compare; One each of Lilac, Red, Pink, White & Orange. Dense, twiggy branches hold small deep green foliage. Compare; Find My Store. Available to buy online in the UK. Large, ruffled, white flowers bloom late may-june. Fl Apr-May. Now, the Bloom-A-Thon Reblooming Azaleas are evergreen shrubs that will bloom in spring only to bloom again in mid to late summer until fall. Evergreen dwarf shrubs, Kurume azaleas were discovered in Japan more than 300 years ago. The compact nature of the gumpo white Azalea shrub plant, combined with its large, ruffled soft white flowers make this an excellent choice for any landscape. Azaleas For Sale. They also may be planted for hedges and in screens and are a great choice for the woodland garden. Available in four colors, these new azalea shrubs hold their bloom through the scorching summer sun until the first frost of fall. A fast-growing dwarf azalea, the new Autumn A fast-growing dwarf azalea, the new Autumn Bonfire glows with numerous, true red, semi-double and single blooms in spring, summer and fall. Model #80401-2.


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