All of the microphones in the pack – one ATM250 hypercardioid kick drum mic, one ATM650 hypercardioid snare mic, three ATM230 hypercardioid floor/rack tom mics, and two ATM450 cardioid overhead mics – feature a low-profile design for minimum visibility and versatile placement options around the drum … The modern drum mic set up takes advantage of many purpose-built mics. Features. This overhead drum microphone is a cardioid condenser that has been finished in durable satin nickel, making it heavy duty and good for extended use without becoming damaged. Why you need overhead drum mics. Massive Headroom Lightning Fast Staggering SPL Handling Forged From Stainless Steel Engineered For Studio, Stage & Streaming. Its uses include drum overheads, cymbals, acoustic instruments and live performances due to the externally polarized mic. Overhead mics are often thought of as those mics that capture the cymbals. The transient response of these microphones … Since the drum … $1238. They capture everything and more importantly, unify the sounds of the rest of the mics. Drum Overhead Mics. Bass Drum Mic. CAD AUDIO STAGE 7 PREMIUM 7-PIECE DRUM PACK: The CAD Stage7 is a seven-piece drum mic pack that includes one D10 cardioid dynamic mic, three D29 dynamic tom mics, one D19 dynamic snare drum mic, and 2 C9 instrument condensers for high hats, cymbals or overheads. SR20LS. In the 60s and 70s however, Glyn Johns who engineered albums by The Who and Led Zeppelin pioneered a 3 mic drum recording technique where he’d simply use 2 overhead mics combined with 1 kick drum mic. $479. Nope. Since moving to the Earthworks drum microphones my drum sound has really expanded.


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