Trustee indemnity insurance exists to give protection and peace of mind to the directors and officers of all sorts of charities and other organisations, and should always be considered as part of your charity insurance policy. As some charities don’t refer to members of their management committee as “trustees” confusion can arise. A professional trustee, or corporate trustee, such as members of the One Investment Group, typically have a very low risk appetite for taking personally liability for a trust liability. While the trust may provide an indemnity to the trustees for claims made against them, the cost to the trust of meeting this obligation can in turn provide an undesirable burden on the trust’s assets. A charity trustee who has, through no fault of his/her own, incurred a civil or criminal liability in the course of administering a charity, may nonetheless be entitled to an indemnity. Becoming a charity trustee for the first time can be both an exciting opportunity and a daunting prospect when it comes to understanding your duties and responsibilities. This Guidance Note - Charity trustees’ duties, responsibilities and liabilities is an overview of the legal duties, obligations, responsibilities and potential governance and operational liabilities of a charity trustee of any charity.. Trustee indemnity insurance (TII) covers trustees against personal liability when legal claims are made against them, either by their charity or by a third party. When a charity trustee acting as employer fails in her/his statutory obligations. The general principles of running a charity are the same between Scotland and England and Wales; however, there are some specific differences and requirements between the two sets of laws. Charity Trustee Duties and Liabilities requirements or rules, such as specific provisions relating to a trustee’s duty to avoid personal conflicts of interest. 2 Updated: May 2018 Registered Charity No. If you have a seat, through proper process, on the management committee you are a trustee. If the trustees incur debt or liabilities that total more than the charity’s assets, they might not be able to fully cover themselves with the charity’s resources, even if the liabilities have been properly incurred. We also know that your charity needs every penny it raises. Legislation may also apply depending on the type of work the charity carries out and whether it employs staff or volunteers. There are numerous areas of regulation and law that you must comply with. This is most likely to be an issue in cases of strict liability offences (see below), vicarious liability in tort, inherited liability under section 151 of the Finance Act 1989 and some employer liabilities. Charitable trusts can be incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1956. We offer Directors and Officers insurance to protect trustees or senior decision makers. Charity trustees are responsible for the general control and management of the administration of a charity.” – The Charity Commission. Vicarious liability of a charity or its trustees May 2013 new format February 2017) 4 of 7 Some justify this on the basis of the principles of fair compensation for victims and deterrence of harmful conduct. Charity and Trustee liability insurance available immediately online from £130. The trustee is either appointed by the settlor or the court if the settlor failed to appoint someone, or if the appointed trustees fail. Specialist trustee liability insurance Our Trustee Insurance covers the personal trustee liability and liability of officers, employees or voluntary workers arising from errors or omissions they make in the management and administration of the organisation. Trustee Liability – Charitable Trusts. How can charity trustees protect themselves? You will want to weigh up the benefits and costs of this insurance. A person who is appointed as a trustee assumes the liabilities of a trustee and that liability exposes the trust assets and his/her own personal assets to those liabilities. Trustee Liability. We are seeking new Trustees with vision, a passion for education and enthusiasm for supporting our charity. Unincorporated charities and personal liability. We understand that being a trustee of charity is an important role. As one of the pioneers of trustee indemnity insurance (also known as trustee liability insurance), we have many years knowledge of the risks facing the management of charities and not-for-profit organisations. Protection for your charity against corporate liabilities arising from claims due to a breach of duties by a trustee or senior management; Legal and defence costs, awards and settlements; Here are some examples of what can be covered under a Trustees Indemnity policy. Duties of a trustee. Trustee Indemnity insurance (also referred to as Management Liability Insurance) is designed to protect past, present and future trustees of charities, voluntary organisations, associations and clubs. `Trustee Liabilities are the things that trustees are responsible for in terms of running the organisation in accordance with charity rules.’ Charity Commission ‘Since trustees act collectively in running a charity, they will usually be collectively responsible to meet any such liability.’ Charity Commission. Liability Insurance for a Charity and the Trustees can be quoted and purchased online from a choice of insurers (via PIA our online partner).


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