Submit. Reply Replies (2) 9 +1. In THEORY, if the rouge gives +45 bleed, I should be able to bleed him every hit with both daggers. Especially effective when locked on to target. How to Get / Where to Find the Bandit's Knife. Submit. I'll be able to see how much damage I do fairly easy with that. An enemy can now roll to negate all bleed proc damage. Thats why the only weapons you want infused with Bleed are fast weapons like the Bandit Knife, or weapons that apply alot of bleed with each hit, like the Spiked Mace. Anyways, here is my latest PVP montage, I will be return to Bandit's Dagger to get an optimized Dagger build going for it: I'll try 4 different ways. Reply Replies (1) 9 +1. Alternatively some players go for a bleed build and focus only on luck which is better for pvp but useless vs pve bleed immune enemies. Daggers are fast enough that it is hard for your opponent to eat a moss clump, and it's easy for you to get it to proc. "Primarily a slicing weapon, but highly effective when used for critical hits, such as after parrying or from behind." Primarily a slicing weapon, but its blade is crafted to cause bleeding, making it a favorite of lowly thieves and bandits. 0-1. You can make it however you want if it’s for PVE, as in PVE anything goes. I can bleed him out in 2 hits from a sharp bandit knife. "This wide single-edged shortsword is the favorite of lowly thieves and bandits." The Bandit's Knife sacrifices some of the daggers' high crit damage to provide bleed build-up. This used to be a Vigor/Luck build with the rest of its stats at base, or at least at the minimum requirements, for use with a pair of Poison and Bleed infused Bandit knives. On the other hand, Bandit's Knife has bleed, good AR in it's class, and quickstep. Bandit's Knife is a Weapon in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. ... except if you think about the double combo from the l1 attack… Bandit's knife is better thanks to its innate bleeding. However, at some point I decided to mix things up just for fun with Frostbite damage build-up and the opportunity to add an Avelynn with Splintering Bolts . Initial equipment for Thieves. Skill: Quickstep Instantly step behind or around the side of foes. As with its previous incarnations, the rapid cuts can quickly bleed opponents out with little risk to the wielder. 5-1. Bandit's Knife - 149 - 120 - 149 (Pure STR) - 1.0 Shadow Dagger - 207 - 173 - 218 - 1.5 ... Mytha's Bent Blade has a 65% reduction to Bleed build-up on Block (which is only useful if you don't plan on dodging Poison Arrows since the stability is so weak it would ridiculous to block melee attacks) It seems detrimental, but only if you are solely relying on bleed proc spam to get anything out of the build. This makes it an excellent choice to buff with Carthus Rouge or to infuse with a Blood Gem . Sharp bandit Knife, Bloody bandit knife, Sharp bandit knife + carthus Rouge, Bloody + carthus rouge. Bandit Knife - While it's not insanely powerful, it's extremely quick and can easily build up bleed far faster than most would think.


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