Goat Milk Stuff raises happy, healthy dairy goats that are perfect for 4H or a family farm. This lotion has been known to, lessen the effects of sunburn, to relieve psoriasis, symptoms, as well as eczema and diaper rash! The peak periods for milk production occur after four to six weeks of parturition (kidding). [4] The optimal weight at which a goat produces optimal milk production is at least 130 pounds. The temperature at which milk will remain the best is at 4.4 °C (39.9 °F). lotion is safe to use all over your body and your face. Compared to Saanen goat milk, it is higher in all nutritional aspects, except the fat content, making it a much healthier choice. My goats milk lotion is a natural Ph balancer, so it helps, clear up those unsightly razor bumps and helps with, Whatever you put on your skin, is absorbed into your blood, stream, so my advice to you, is to know exactly what you are, putting not only on your skin, but into your body. However, the Nubian goat's weight is similar to that of the Alpines at maturity, yet it produces less milk, containing a higher proportion of fat, than the Alpine goats.[4]. For, information on this event-stay tuned to the Fancy Alpine, Facebook page, or send an e-mail to get on our mailing list. Alpine goats breed is famous for milk production. Alpine Made is a NY based beauty company handcrafting cold process organic goat milk soap products from Alpine goats using sustainable & organic farming. [4] Good nutrition, proper milking procedures, reproductive management, and disease control are also factors that contribute to milk production of the Alpine Goat. The gestation period lasts for 145 days to 150 days. There are four requirements that need to be efficient for optimal dairy production. Free Shipping on Orders $75 + … Mature does weigh around 61 kg (135 lbs), and are about 76 cm (30 in) tall at the shoulder. They are often used for commercial dairy production, as well as homestead milk goats. Alpine goats can range from white or gray to brown and black. [2] They are the only breed with erect ears that comes in all colours and combinations of colours. Alpine goats are extremely popular in the dairy industry for their docile temperament, high quality milk output and long lactation. [6], Known for its milk, the Alpine goat is famous for its rich dairy production. It is higher in sugars than cows' milk but balances itself in terms of the amount of protein. For this reason most of the farmer raise some Alpine goats to meet up the demand of milk for their family consumption. Alpine goats are heavy milkers. In the United States, the two leading registries for dairy goats are the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) and American Goat Association (AGA). Freezing the milk increases its shelf life by about four to five weeks. For the Alpine goat that number is higher at 135 pounds and produces 2,134 pounds of milk per lactation. Twins are the most common, but they can have singles, all the way up to quintuplets . Known for its milk, the Alpine goat is famous for its rich dairy production. This breed is mostly used for commercial milk production. [5] Alpine milk has relatively low fat content, with an average fat percent of 3.4%. The milk of Alpine goat contain vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K highly and butter, cheese, ice cream, soap and many other dairy product can be made by this milk. Fancy Alpine lotion, is a life changer!! The milk can be made into butter, cheese, soap, ice cream or any other dairy product normally made from cow's milk. They are distinct from the other two due to their low value of fat content. The Alpine is a medium to large sized breed of domestic goat known for its very good milking ability. [2], Alpines goats originated in the French Alps. Alpine goats are one of the top milk producers, alongside Saanen and Toggenburg goats. The milk that is refrigerated has a shelf life of about three to four weeks. In making the, lotion, I can now safely pet my horses, goats, dogs, and, farm cats without suffering the repercussions. [5], The American Dairy Goat Association faults all-white and Toggenburg patterned individuals. Alpine milk has relatively low fat content, with an average fat percent of 3.4%. [8], Alpine goats are one of the top milk producers, alongside Saanen and Toggenburg goats. Goat Milk lotion in 17 scents. Several sub-types of Alpine goats have emerged,[1] namely: Alpine goats are a medium to large sized breed. Alpine goats get mature at the age of 7 to 9 months. A higher protein count is not always good, since it packs more calorie… They have no set colours or markings (although certain markings are discriminated against). Their hair is short to medium in length, and they come in all colours and combinations of colours. After 4 to 6 weeks of kidding, the milk production will be in peak. Alpine goats' milk has 2.3 g of protein per 250 ml while cow’s milk has 3.4. Changes in external factors can cause a decrease in milk production due to the pressure applied on the goat to adapt to these changes. The Alpine goats are among the most popular and preferable dairy goat breeds for staring commercial a operation. [4], Alpine goats are friendly and highly curious, however they can be independent and strong-willed. [3], The sexual maturation rate among Alpine goats is at four to five months after birth for buck kids, and five to six months after birth for doe kids. If you cannot, pronounce it, or safely eat it...that speaks volumes-or, so it, We are a small farm located in New London, WI. Warm bacteria grows at a faster rate and multiplies so that the milk is spoiled. Since not all requirements overlap for both registers, look up the association sites for specific questions on their unique requirements. The lactation period is 250 to 280 days. Fancy Alpine lotion, is a life changer!! Feel better smell better. However, doe kids should not be bred until they are at least 75-80 lbs. They have horns, a straight profile and erect ears. Alpine goat’s milk is higher in all nutritional aspects and it is much more healthier choice. My, lotion is not made from any pre-made bases, it is all, from scratch...and contains only 9 ingredients...which, are all pronounceable. Every year, we, strive to have Fancy Alpine Farm Days where families from all over, can come and spend a day on the farm...meet the goats, pet the, horses and shop with other local vendors that come. Alpine milk, as with all goat milk, must be filtered and chilled immediately upon separation from the lactating doe when intended for human consumption. A doe’s gestation lasts for 145 – 155 days, with 150 being the average. Our Alpine Dairy Goats for sale in Scottsburg, Indiana, which is about 30 minutes north of Louisville, Kentucky. Alpine goats' milk has 2.3 g of protein per 250 ml while cow’s milk has 3.4. "Agricultural Alternatives: Dairy Goat Production", "Comparative Protein Composition Analysis of Goat Milk Produced by the Alpine and Saanen Breeds in Northeastern Brazil and Related Antibacterial Activities", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Alpine_goat&oldid=915156495, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Alpine polychrome, American Alpine, French Alpine, This page was last edited on 11 September 2019, at 15:12.


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