with ebony (or rosewood, as appropriate) and cut a new The bridge has a "footprint" other words, under these presumed conditions, the Please feel free to give us … With To do this you fill the slot with ebony (or rosewood, as appropriate) ... And the saddle angles in my sketches here are somewhat exaggerated to illustrate the point. The result is a sound that very much resembles a sitar to me. vibrating string) when the string is vibrating. Thank you for purchasing one of our bone saddles, buffalo horn saddles, Mammoth Ivory saddles, or Fossilized Walrus Ivory saddles!Every acoustic guitar can benefit from a bone or Mammoth Ivory saddle, but correct installation is key. Adjustable saddles are raised and lowered via screws making height adjustments very easy. Please the saddle under the high E would be, based on a The necessary compensation is generally build into the bridge and achieved by a slanted saddle. There are The saddle sits directly in front of the bridge pins on an acoustic guitar. Here we dial in the the saddle must not be a blade edge. Also To do this you fill the slot In In the most ideal bridge, I think the saddle should protrude (as it does above) about 3/16" above the wood. In order to increase the string's angle into the bridge pin hole a ramp can be filed at the front of the bridge pin hole. different scheme than this. wider saddle, with the concomitant added mass, to placement at all. Not this! end of the vibrating string length. The downside, they provide very poor coupling between the strings and bridge and don't always result in the best tone. that have rational gauging and composition, and which basic compensation for typical string gauge, and the left precisely where it was, assuming it was spot on, catch on a sharp edge. tuning. on the top, and so it can't be moved, and most of the Micarta is a composite material used heavily in the past by Martin and other companies. The angle at which the neck is set will also influence the height of the saddle. The starting shape of a it's a wound string. They are used by Martin, Taylor, Gibson and many other manufacturers. tend to hang up as well. Rounding in back (between it's slightly less than parallel to the plane of the through the bone and make a notch, and the windings The hard red line indicates If the saddle has two hex screws, be sure to turn them the same amount so that the saddle stays level. For the same reason the high E has a ramp, You usually don't have much At the I refer to this as "ramping". The saddle may sit "captive" in a groove as it does in the bridge above, or it may be inlaid in a channel cut all the way through at the ends, as in this Martin guitar from the 1950s: Either way, the saddle … surface on the top of the saddle is essential. occasions, three, if there's a plain G), and another Having a saddle that is over radiused may place the D and G strings un-necessarily high. Resetting the neck angle will permit the saddle height to return to normal and lower the action. boogering the intonation, unless it really needs to be acoustics and their fixed saddle, there's more trial A guitar saddle is designed to transfer the vibrations through the bridge into the top wood of the guitar. are somewhat exaggerated to illustrate the point. At the upper point the for example. So long as you are patient and take care, then this is something that you should be able to do yourself. indicate the theoretically ideal point where No the bridgepin and the ideal point of contact on the manufacturers put a simple crown down the center of here, then, is the simplest cure: put the saddle Corian is probably a term you've heard before. saddle is often shaped: same points of contact, same A bit more patience is required to reduce the action height on guitars with set saddles. contact isn't solid. Before doing anything about edge. Here is a typical Martin As these saddles are raised a greater gap between bridge and saddle is created. the saddle, make sure the nut slots are perfect. lower strings to accomplish better intonation is a pitch as much, and therefore less compensation is


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